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   Let face it, the kitchen is the focal point in your home. You spend quality time with your family in your kitchen, having a nice cup of coffee in the morning while cooking breakfast for the kids Lake Nona Windermere

     You've entertain friends & family and had meals together over the years. You've spend many holidays, birthdays and even rainy day enjoy kitchen.

     Let's face it the kitchen is the heart beat of your home .... now's the time to give it some love

Did you know updating your kitchen increases the value of your home? Makes it resell faster & for more money.  Our biggest customers referrals are real estate agents ... the know the value of a beautiful kitchen  

   Did you know that you can have your kitchen cabinets professedly painted in Lake Mary Fl 32746 in as little as 5 days? And we're only in your home 2 days, the rest of the work is done is our shop, were we spray your cabinet doors / drawers. That's right we spray in our shop not in your home

   We're Central Florida's leading cabinet painters, never use sub-contractors, we have our own fully trained cabinets painter that way we can control the quality and we're a local Orlando family owned company, not a big box store or franchise, local painters supporting our community and I've been in the painting trade for 40 years  

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    Painting kitchen cabinets take highly skilled painters with the right equipment and process  

Your average house painter won't touch them.

     When looking for a painter ask them how many cabinets do they paint a year, do they spray in your home and can you visit their shop to see the process and meet the painters

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Kitchen Cabinet painting Orlando Fl

Kitchen cabinet painting by Repaint Florida LLC

Before picture of kitchen cabinet painting and refinish cabinets in Lake Mary Fl 32746

I'm going to post a few job-site pictures of the kitchen, while it looked good for it's age it's style of color is outdated kitchen ideas

Lake Mary Fl kitchen cabinet painters

Professional crew

prep work on kitchen cabinets before refinishing them lake mary fl  32746

We never use sub-contractors, we found we could control the quality and service we offer better by having a fully trained crew working together day after day

If fact we've had a crew of woman painters for the last 10 years ... 

Orlando kitchen cabinet painters 

5-6 Days complete job

lake mary fl  32746 kitchen cabinets painted white by Repaint Florida LLC

We paint 80+ kitchens a year, i've had the same crew for 2-10 years, my lead painter has been with me 10 years with others painters averaging 3 + years. Our system works, i've been in the painting trade 40 years so you get the quality your kitchen deserves Orlando Lake Nona Windermere

Kitchen cabinet painting Heathrow Fl

First day in your home

before pic of cabinets in lake mary fl 32746 being painted white

We're going to label all doors, drawers, hinges and load them into our van to go back to our shop

We'll clean, degress & prep the frames & boxes and paint 2 coats of high quality PPG Paint / primmer 

PPG Paints kitchen 

ideas kitchen cabinet painting

Shop work

professional kitchen cabinet refinishing clermont fl 34711 by Repaint Florida LLC

Back at the shop we'll again prep, clean, sand the doors & drawers. We'll hang them in our spray shop and spray them

We have special rooms for the drying ... next we sand them down and spray again 4 coats minimum

Repaint Florida LLC

2nd day in your home

cabinet refinished in white by Repaint Florida lake mary fl  32746

The girls will arrive first, they'll add a few more coats of PPG Breakthrough paint, remember 4 coats minimum but we're selling a finished product so if you need another coat your covered

By lunch time i'll arrive with the finished doors 

We'll rehang them, add handles if needed and finish the job 

Professional cabinet painting Orlando Fl kitchen remodeling

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