Franchises, Big Box Store or Local Family owned company


For the record we're a 100% Orlando family owned company, in fact painting is the only job i've had since 1977

     It's our own full time professional painters working in your home, never sub-contractors. 

    Big box stores simply take your money and hire sub-contractors to do the work

    Franchise are geared to be sold to people with little to no experience in the painting trade . They sell them a Franchise Name, give them a few weeks training then take even more money from then to maintain the franchise and even require them to buy their "proprietary finishes" only 

It's designed to make more money for corporate

Franchise follow what the corporate office tell them, no thinking outside the box,  no changing to keep up with the painting trade & latest products. They have no control .... just follow corporate rules

     Many big box stores use these franchise and take a cut too leaving homeowner paying the high cost

     Don't over pay these franchises

 hire a local company and support small community based companies like Repaint Florida LLC

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