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We love it when we get referrals .... shows our past customers love our work and tell their families, friends & co-workers who's kitchen cabinets we painted in the Conway area of Orlando

This homeowner found out about our cabinet painting service from a co-worker and call us to give his kitchen a update

While this kitchen was out dated & personalized for the former owners we knew we had a lot to work with 

Maitland Fl 32751 Kitchen Cabinet Painting

The above pictures are the before photo's  showing what we had to work with ...

Before spending a small fortune on replacing or even refacing these cabinets and going through a major kitchen remodel where the owner would lose the use of their kitchen we knew we could give them a new look and save them money

kitchen cabinet painting Maitland fl 32751 in Orlando

before & after pic of kitchen cabinet painted white in maitland fl 32751

What we did

Kitchen cabinet painting refinishing Maitland fl 32751 

We started by carefully removing the doors & drawers and numbering  them

These went to our shop where we could clean,degrease & prep them for our spray shop

Back at the house our crew of professional painters cleaned, degreased & prepped the base frames before applying a bonding coat 

After spraying the doors / drawers at our shop we return to apply a few more coats of paint on the frames, hang the doors and on this we installed new glass replacing the old style with seedy glass

Tell us .... did we do a good job? kitchen cabinet painter Maitland fl 32751 

Repaint Florida LLC is Central Florida's leading cabinet painters ...  not a franchise ... not a box store ... just a hard working local Orlando family owned company employing the best painters in our trade 

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Kitchen cabinet painting Maitland Fl 32751